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Find connected communities

A social community is comprised of a variety of people who all have different interests, needs, and buying potential.

Affinio helps you break any community into unique segments so you can focus on the ones that matter most to you and your brand.

Find a community by:

  • Interest
  • Profession
  • Keyword
  • What they follow
Clustered Networks

Discover who matters most

  • Find peer-validated influencers across social platforms for any topic.
  • Unlike Klout or other influencer idenfication tools, we score each influencer to the community you've defined.

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Curate the most relevant stories

Always be on top of what people are sharing most. Filter content by region and niche.


Trending video and images

Understand the lifestyle, visual cues, and aspirations of a community.

This includes:

  • Top shared videos on Vine, Twitter Youtube, Vimeo and more
  • Top shared images on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and more

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Why we are different

Our award winning technology allows us to mine social graphs and find niche's on any topic. Other tools only analyze a fraction of a community because they collect data through user actions - not their interests.

Affinio's social graph analysis captures the entire picture - providing unmatched detail and data accuracy.

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